Stewart Omineca Resource Road

The community of Stewart in conjunction with several partners commissioned an impact study on a proposed road connecting the community of Stewart, located on tidewater, to the Kemess Mine located approximately 230 kms in a straight-line northeast of Hazelton. This proposed road involves improving several sections, accelerating and extending planned forestry roads, and constructing new roads to complete the connection. The proposed route utilizes the Kuldo FSR, joining with the Kispiox Trail as it heads westerly towards Cranberry Junction and Highway 37.

About This Project

Stewart Omineca Resource Road (SORR) has the potential to create significant wealth and economic opportunities in the province, with minimal adverse social or environmental impacts.

The proposed SORR will provide a new east-west connection between Stewart, which offers pacific tidewater access, and the Ominica Resource Access Road (ORAR). This will create a new 800 Km road crescent between Highways 37 and 97 in northern British Columbia. 

The Stewart Omineca Resource Road will benefit both the north central interior and the northwest regions of British Columbia. The combination of the SORR with existing ORAR will significantly reduce access, supply, and haul costs, which makes the mining and forestry industries more financially viable. The Stewart Omineca Resource Road will connect resources to communities: 

  • Via ORAR to Mackenzie, at the south end of Williston Lake;
  • Via BC Rail to the Highway 97 corridor;
  • Via the Kispiox Trail to Hazelton, on Highway 16 and CN Rail; and 
  • Via Highways 37 / 37A to Stewart at its Pacific port.

The SORR offers competitive ad alternate routes by providing efficient commercial sources and destinations. Figure 1 shows the significance of this interconnection to the northern transportation network.

Ninety percent of the road is planned as part of the Long Range Management Plans and current Forest Development Plans. The SORR project intergrates and accelerates road constructions and provides the nessary interconnections and road standards to allow the least cost movement of resources thoughout this resource rich, but remote area of the province.  

Scope of the Stewart Ominica Resource Road

The SORR is not a 475 km road between Stewart and Kemess. It is in fact two shorter section roads.

  1. 31 km of the Tommy Jack Connector between SCI Damsumlo Main and the TFMI South Sustut Main.
  2. 23 km of the Sloane Connector between the Canfor Upper Sustut Main and the Double Star Access Road.

The rest of the mine haul route from Kemess to Stewart is accomplished on existing roads, or on roads currently planned to be extended by various operators. Some construction advancement and upgrades to these other roads will be necessary, in agreement with the road owner and in accordance with existing shared use regulations.

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