Stewart Bulk Terminals

Stewart Bulk Terminals Ltd. is privately owned and operated by the partnership of the Soucie family and Jack Elsworth. The facility is an enhanced and upgraded dock that loaded concentrate from the Granduc / Newmont copper mine at the zenith of its production.

About This Project

Stewart Bulk Terminals has the berthing structure to receive vessels up to 50,000 dwt and total storage capacity of 40,000 tonnes of concentrates between two storage buildings. Typical vessel sizes serviced by the terminal are 25,000 to 40,000 dwt in size. Vessel loading rates are 700 to 800 tonnes per hour meaning a full ship loading cycle of 31.25 to 57.14 hours.

Common vessel cycle time is about 24 hours with only partial cargos sometimes requiring topping off in Vancouver or topping off in Stewart after loading in Alaska.

In 1999 the facility loaded total tonnage of 418,000 tonnes for a ship average of 19,000 tonnes from four mines. In 2008 only shipments from one mine, Huckleberry, remained. Opportunities exist to expand the terminal by construction of a 1.84 ha sheet pile and fill wharf expansion to allow handling of barged general cargoes, barged bulk cargoes, containers, equipment and forest products. 

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