Northern Engineered Wood Products (NEWPRO) is retrofitting itself to begin producing pellets in 2016.

About This Project

NEWPRO was historically a manufacturer of particle board (also known as panel board) for use in international and domestic use in the construction industry.

The repurposed facility will use wood waste from forestry cut blocks, lumber shavings, and sawdust that might otherwise be burned in open burning piles or wood boilers.  The old style wood burning rotary dryers will be replaced with natural gas burning belt dryers which are much safer and efficient.  This plant will be compliant with the Best Available Technology guidelines as outlined by the Ministry of Environment.  The end result of this project will be a 94% reduction in particulate matter emissions compared to its previous operations.


More Information Online

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Employment Opportunities

There will be approximately 30 full time positions with NEWPRO and 10 contractor positions

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