Fairview Container Terminal Expansion

North America's fastest growing intermodal terminal purposely built to provide high velocity gateway transportation pacific container trade. Investment are ongoing and expansions will allow the terminal to double capacity from 750,000 t.e.u. containers to 1.4 million t.e.u. containers. There are currently 4 cranes with 4 more cranes arriving in the spring of 2016 to double capacity at the dock.

About This Project

After successfully converting the former Fairview Terminal from a general cargo facility to a state of the art container handling facility, container vessels commenced calling the Prince Rupert Container Terminal in October of 2007. The Prince Rupert gateway has firmly established itself as North America's west coast  An estimated $650 million capital expansion saw the extension of the wharf to 800 metres maintaining a 17-metre minimum water depth, increasing the dock area to 165 acres, double the number of super post-Panamax cranes and create an additional 725 person years of employment. The expanded facility would has  increased on-site storage capacity and accommodates the continued growth in regional export traffic anticipated to develop over the next decade. Completed in 2015 is the new industrial access road, alongside the existing CN rail line, between Fairview Terminal and Ridley Island. Ongoing investment will see an increase of capacity and an efficient facility ready to meet the demands of continued growth in Asia Pacific traffic trade.

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