Avanti Kitsault Mine

Avanti Kitsault Mine Avanti Kitsault Mine (AKM) is located between Observatory Inlet and the Nass Valley, approximately 200 km from Terrace, BC. Alloycorp Mining Inc. holds a 100 per cent interest in the project through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Avanti Ktsault Mine Ltd. Once in operation, AKM will be one of the top four primary producers of molybdenum in the world. This project is expected to inject approximately $1 billion dollars of investment into the Northwest BC region and create hundreds of jobs for the local skilled labour force.

About This Project


Building Canada’s Next Metal Mine

AKM is fully permitted for construction and aims to begin production in 2017.  The project received its Environmental Assessment Certificate from the provincial government in March 2013 and an amended Mines Act permit in June 2014.  Federal environmental approval was also received in 2014.  In October 2014, the BC Ministry of Environment Water Discharge Permit was received, the final permit required prior to commencement of construction. 

In June 2014, the Nisga’a Lisims Government and Avanti Kitsault Mine Ltd. signed the milestone Co-operation and Benefits Agreement that recognizes and formalizes the working relationships between the Nisga’a community and AKML and is a vital step in the development of the project.

AKML recently formed an Independent Engineering Review Panel, comprised of highly experienced and respected geotechnical engineers to work with the company in reviewing all aspects of the geotechnical engineering and waste management practices at AKM including recommendations on tailings dam technology.

Facts and Figures:

  • Total initial investment in the project will be approximately $1 billion
  • AKM will produce approximately 11,600 tonnes of molybdenum and over 1 million ounces of silver per year
  • Off take agreements are in place for up to 70% of total production
  • AKM is a low cost producer, expected to be positioned in the first quartile of cash costs among other primary molybdenum producers
  • Mine life is expected to be approximately 14 years based on current reserves
  • During the course of construction, there will be approximately 700 construction staff, ranging from health & safety specialists and environmental monitors to mechanics, millwrights, electricians and service and maintenance personnel
  • Once operations begin, there will be about 300 jobs available for plant operators, truck drivers, engineering specialists, shovel operators, and many more

600m above sea level, the Avanti Kitsault mine sits within a couple kilometers of tidewater on Alice Arm, in the Skeena Mining Division of Northern BC. Construction of the access road to the proposed plant site has recently been completed, opening up full access to the site.  The replacement of the Nass River Bridge, which is key to providing primary access to the project, is also now complete. Overall, this high-grade mine has an anticipated mine life of 14 years, with an average annual production of approximately 11,300 tonnes of molybdenum and over 1 million ounces of silver. The mine is a low cost producer, and is expected to be positioned in the first quartile of cash costs among other primary molybdenum producers.  



Avanti Kitsault Mine has recently opened a Terrace operations office, part of the company’s long-term commitment to being a part of the community.  This is the closest mine to Terrace and travelling through Terrace is required to access the project site. AKM has been hiring local Terrace and Nisga’a workers, in addition to local contractors. This project will significantly contribute to the Terrace and surrounding region’s economy by creating 700 jobs during the construction phase, and maintaining 300 jobs during the anticipated 14 year mine life. 

AKML is committed to providing benefits to the region and to using the services of local businesses throughout all phases of the mine life from construction through operations, to decommissioning and reclamation. 


Latitude 55° 25’ 19” North 
Longitude 129° 25’ 10” West


$1 billion investment
700 Construction jobs expected
300 Operations jobs expected
Mine life of 14 years


Alloycorp Mining Inc. (TSX-V: AVT)
Avanti Kitsalt Mine Ltd. (a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Alloycorp Mining Inc.)
Nisga’a Lisims Government


Christine Slanz, Manager, Community Relations
Avanti Kitsault Mine Ltd.
4643 Park Avenue, 2nd floor
Terrace, BC 
Canada V8G 1V8

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Employment Opportunities

For more information on future employment opportunities with Avanti Kitsault Mine, please email careers@avantikitsault.com or visit http://www.alloycorp.com/s/Careers.asp.

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