Kitsault Energy

The Kitsault Energy Project is a proposed LNG plant/pipeline designed to help get Canadian natural gas to Asian markets. The primary reasoning behind this site is the small abandoned mining town of Kitsault BC, which provides full infrastructure and shorter route to the ocean.

About This Project

Kitsault Energy is a privately held company that bought the resource community of Kitsault B.C. in 2004 for $7 million and has actively promoted the site as a viable option for a petroleum product loading facility.

Kitsault Energy’s proposal is estimated to cost between $20 and $30 billion and would allow for the export of energy products via pipelines including oil, refined petroleum products and natural gas. Kitsault Energy currently does not currently have industry partners. Kitsault Energy has promoted several benefits of the proposed site that include: the existing community infrastructure, housing for 1,000+ residents, 350 acres of industrial land, full BC Hydro service and a deep water port. The site is also considered one of the shortest routes to Asian markets which allows for a possible 100-300 kilometer reduction in pipeline length that could save $1-3 billion dollars in capital costs when compared with similarly proposed projects .

This project is currently in the application process to the National Energy Board for licensing to export 20 million tons of liquefied natural gas per year equaling 960 billion cubic feet per year for 25 years. The proposed pipeline would be connected to the existing Spectra Energy lines and would run 600 kilometers to the site. Kitsault Energy is currently looking to partner with industry and First Nations to develop this project. The first unit of the dual LNG unit proposal would be anticipated to commence operations in 2018 with the second expected in 2019.

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