Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Project

The Forrest Kerr Project, constructed and operated by AltaGas, is a 195 MW run of river project that will power the Northwest Transmission Line.

About This Project

Construction is underway on the Forest Kerr hydroelectric run-of-river project. The project has an installed capacity of 195 megawatts, enough to power approximately 70,000 homes. 

The Forrest Kerr Project will redirect a portion of the flow of the Iskut River through a tunnel to an underground powerhouse containing turbines to generate electricity. The run-of-river nature of this project ensures continual movement of water and materials downstream of the proposed tailrace discharge, minimizing any potential effects on aquatic resources in the area. Further, because of the underground nature of Forrest Kerr generation site, it has a relatively small surface footprint, that will minimize impacts to terrestrial ecosystems.

The Forrest Kerr hydroelectric project will capture the immense energy produced by the natural flow and elevation drop of the Iskut River and its tributaries to produce and deliver clean, renewable power to the Northwest Transmission Line that will be operated by British Columbia Transmission Corporation.

The project has an estimated cost of $725 million, making it one of the largest infrastructure developments in northwestern BC. At its peak, the four-year construction project is expected to create over 400 jobs and the demand for goods and services is expected to provide significant positive economic growth to the region

Locally the project has the ability to act as an energy source for regional development. The communities in the vicinity of Forrest Kerr that stand to benefit from this and other projects include Iskut, Dease Lake, Telegraph Creek, Smithers, and Terrace. In addition to providing jobs to local individuals and contractors, the project will create opportunities for local providers of goods and services during construction and ongoing operations.

The project will also make a significant contribution to the provincial economy through payment of water rentals, and property, income and sales taxes. And on a national and global scale, the project will provide a clean, renewable energy source that will help meet Canada's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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Employment Opportunities

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