Lake Atlin Waterfront Place

Lake Atlin Waterfront Place is a 56 acre prime waterfront real estate property which has been subdivided into 13 waterfront lots.

About This Project

Atlin Lake Wellness Centre and Spa is a very attractive investment opportunity located just outside of Atlin, British Columbia, Canada: a wonderfully pristine northwestern location that will serve as the foundation for a prime investment or partnership in the all-season tourist, wellness and eco industry.

The available opportunity is for a partner interested in investing/operating a tourist/wellness eco-friendly attraction that will serve as a four-season nature-based health and wellness centre with spa, or an exclusive high-end small destination eco lodge in a natural paradise setting that optimizes the untouched and breathtaking beauty of northwestern BC and is only a 90 minute drive from Whitehorse International Airport in the Yukon.

This investment opportunity is shovel-ready as the Government of BC has approved this prime 10 acre waterfront property for construction. As part of the investment or partnership, we are also looking for an owner/investor that can assist in the building phase - and a long term lease option is also available for any prospective investor/partner.

The attraction of this amazing location to consumers seeking health, wellness, adventure and exitement should not be underestimated. This breathtaking waterfront promontory, flanked by two sandy bays, offers both a lake and mountain view on each side. One really has to see it to believe it.  Additional property for rental chalets may also be available .

Testing conducted by the UNHO found that this area in northwestern British Columbia ,Canada has the cleanest air in the country and is ranked in the top 5 in the world. With the planet otherwise rife with ecological chaos, people from Canada and worldwide are looking to escape to such an amazing location that will offer high quality accommodations and services for years to come - if we can find the right investment partner for this ideal opportunity.

The benefits of this tourist/wellness eco-friendly investment opportunity are hard to overlook, as are the physical attractions. In this northwestern BC location, there is no lack of glacier-fed drinking water in the lakes, creeks and streams. Enticing outdoor activities include salmon fishing, heli-skiing, grizzly-bear watching, sailing on Atlin Lake (largest freshwater lake in BC), ice-climbing and glacier hiking, as well as a rich Klondike Gold Rush history - and more.

Let's explore this terrific investment /partnership opportunity together.

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