Mclymont Creek Hydroelectric Project

Located in British Columbia, approximately 1,000 kilometres (km) northwest of Vancouver, the proposed McLymont Creek Project will be a run-of-river hydroelectric facility with an installed capacity of 66 megawatts (MW), enough to power approximately 20,000 homes.

About This Project

The project will capture the energy produced by the natural flow and elevation drop of the creek to produce and deliver clean, renewable power to BC Hydro through the Forrest Kerr 287-kV transmission system to the BC Hydro Northwest Transmission Line (NTL) substation at Bob Quinn. All power produced will be sold to BC Hydro for distribution throughout the Provincial power grid.

The project will help the Province meet its clean energy needs in an environmentally and socially responsible manner by offsetting the use of electricity generated from fossil fuels. On a national and global scale, the project will provide a clean, renewable energy source that will help meet Canada’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

McLymont Creek

McLymont Creek is a tributary of the Iskut River located approximately 10 km downstream of AltaGas’ Forrest Kerr Project. AltaGas has continued to advance the project by completing feasibility engineering studies and field assessments, which include geotechnical drilling and ongoing environmental studies.  

The proposed project will divert a portion of the flow of McLymont Creek to move the water to a powerhouse where it will generate electricity. The run-of-river nature of this project ensures continual movement of water downstream of the proposed intake, minimizing any potential effects on aquatic resources in the area.  The proposed intake and weir structures will be located in a steeper canyon reach above the fish habitat. The proposed project has a relatively small surface footprint that will minimize impacts to terrestrial ecosystems.

AltaGas received its land tenure for the McLymont Creek Project on September 9, 2012. The Environmental Assessment Certificate for McLymont was received on June 9, 2021 and the water licence was issued on October 29, 2012. The access road to the McLymont Creek site has been built to the Iskut River.  Construction work at the bridge crossing has commenced, with work on the bridge that will traverse the Iskut River beginning in the next few months.

Project Site and Layout

The project is ideally located to maximize the use of the available renewable energy source, while minimizing the impacts on the surrounding environment. McLymont Creek will occupy only Provincial Crown Land and is accessible via the Eskay Creek Mine and Forrest Kerr Project roads from Highway 37.

The proposed project is comprised of an intake and weir structure located approximately 5 km upstream of the McLymont Creek confluence with the Iskut River. An approximate 3 km tunnel will divert a portion of the water from McLymont Creek to a surface powerhouse where a tailrace will return the water to the lskut River approximately 1 km downstream of the confluence with McLymont Creek. Approximately 16 km of new road construction will be required to access the powerhouse site and the intake structure. A 10-km, 69-kV transmission line will be built to interconnect the McLymont Creek Project to the Forrest Kerr switchyard.

Environmental Features

Approximately 90 metres from the confluence with the lskut River, McLymont Creek is characterized as non-fish bearing, which means there are no predicted effects to fish and fish habitat in the creek. The project’s design will incorporate mitigation measures to prevent impacts to downstream fish and fish habitat in the Iskut River.

Field assessments were undertaken to assess impacts on wildlife and wildlife habitat. The McLymont Creek Project will minimize its surface footprint as much as possible and reclaim land used for construction to minimize impact to vegetation and wildlife.

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