Ridley Island Rail and Utility Corridor

March 2016 - The $90 million road and rail corridor project was completed in spring of 2015. The project successfully expanded the trade capacity of the Prince Rupert Port and supports future development through the construction of five parallel tracks, a two lane road and port owned power distribution.

About This Project

This completed project included an access road, rail loop, utilities, onshore terminal infrastructure and marine components.The road and rail utility corridor is a catalyst for further developments at the Ridley Island Industrial Park. By providing vehicle and rail access as well as basic utilities to prospective users, the Prince Rupert Port Authority is able to attract investments consistent with the 2020 Gateway Vision

The first phase of The Road Rail Utilitity Corridor Project at Ridley Island consisted of three inbound and two outbound tracks for coal, potash and other bulk terminal developments, two additional tracks that form a loop around the main part of Ridley Island and one new track that extends off the rail loop towards Ridley Terminals.

The full build out of the Ridley Island road, rail and utility corridor consists of:

  • The access road consisting of two lanes wide paralleling the rail lop and includes an overpass at the northwest corner of the loop and an underpass at the southern end of the loop. The overpass and underpass provides vehicle access to the potash terminal, lands within the rail loop, and lands at the south end of the island. 

  • A new approximately 3.4 km 69 kV powerline, owned by the PRPA, connecting Ridley Island and proposed development sites to the existing power transmission system.
  • An approximately 7,818 m rail loop corridor with capacity for 14 inbound tracks and 11 outbound tracks. 

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